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There will be no online class on Good Friday, April 10th, 2020 but we will be back with a class on April 17th and beyond.  God bless you all.  Stay safe.

ANNOUNCEMENT Friday March 20th, 2020 Classes will be moved online on Skype and Chess.com

After holding classes on Friday March 6th and Friday March 13th, 2020 we are now overtaken with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.  This seemed so far away a few weeks ago but apparently there may be a first positive case in Windsor today.  Face to face classes are on hold for now until local, provincial and Canadian federal authorities make clear us to that life can go back to normal.

That doesn't mean that you need to stop learning and playing chess.  We will attempt to keep Friday chess going online for now.  There will be two prongs to this.  The chess lesson will continue to take place on Skype for one hour, starting at 6 pm, the same as it did when we were able to meet face to face.  You will need a Skype account.  You can sign up for free.  If you have an outlook or hotmail account (which are free) you get skype for free as well as part of the Microsoft Office package.  If you are using an Apple product, you will need to install the skype app that is free in the Apple Store.

You will need to connect with me by email at vdrkulec@hotmail.com and tell me your skype ID.  The correct account for me is the one with the picture from Windsor, CA.  There is another account which is probably mine as well that was automatically generated by hotmail.

I keep my Skype account the same as my hotmail account.  You can search for me on Skype using the eight letters of my hotmail vdrkulec.

Games will take place on chess.com

You will need to join the Windsor Friday Chess Club on Chess.com


The games will be played on chess.com.   Lectures will be delivered on skype starting at 6 pm.

Right now Jayden is the only one set up so if no one else shows up it will be me and him having a class together.

If there are power outages or internet outages we may experience technical difficulties.  Do not despair.  We will be back online in  a few minutes if possible.   We will be back next week again.


Upper classroom

Gethsemane Church Hall

1921 Cabana Road West, Windsor, ON, N9G 1C7

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Fridays

National Masters Zoltan Kiraly and Vladimir Drkulec are proud to announce the return of Friday night chess.  The format will be similar to Sobeys Friday night chess.  There will be a half hour lecture followed by a game followed by an analysis of the games played (time permitting). This format has proven the most successful way for young players to succeed and to improve at chess.  The lectures will typically feature explanations of the thinking process to apply to a chess game along with tactics, strategy, pawn structures and many other ideas to help chessplayers improve.

$15 per class or (if paid by the month) $40 for four classes.  There will be no class for the Good Friday April 19th holiday and the monthly price will carry over to first Friday in May.  There are five Fridays in May.

Monthly charges are instead of the per class fee not in addition to.

We will sort the players according to rating and strength and have the top half play against the top half and bottom half play against the bottom half so that the games will be competitive.

You can register by sending an email to

Vlad Drkulec


Walk ins are welcome but let us know you are coming so that we can have enough sets for everyone.

More details at http://WindsorChess.org

In the summer of 2016 we hosted three of the premier events of Canadian chess which were the Canadian Youth Chess Championship, the Canadian Open Chess Championship and the North American Youth Chess Championship.  Caesar's Windsor provided a spectacular venue for these world class events.

Caesars Windsor summer of chess including the Canadian Youth Chess Championships, the Canadian Open and the North American Youth Chess Championships the details of which you can find in the tournaments page and sub-pages.  

Contact us: 

Email  vdrkulec@hotmail.com

Updated July 24, 2019