Who am I?

Windsor’s most active tournament chess player over the last eight years. Clear communicator with native born fluency in English.  I taught business finance at the University of Windsor for five years. I have a masters degree in business administration along with undergraduate degrees in social science with a concentration in psychology and an honours degree in commerce. I can teach both theoretical and practical play because I still play regularly as do most of my students.

President of the Chess Federation of Canada from 2013 to 2020.  CFC Masters Representative  and governor 2011–13. Architect of the CFC’s new constitution and continuation under the new Canada Not For Profit act in 2014.

Played in the Canadian Zonal and National Closed Championship in 2011 and 2015 (a qualifier tournament on the path to the world championship).   Chairman of CFC Long Term Planning Committee and main author of CFC long term strategic plan.

Canadian National Master (NM) title. U.S. Chess Federation National Master Title since 1993.

CFC’s most active player 2010 playing 168 tournament games in one year.  I still play very regularly in both Canada and the United States.