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Round 1

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Round 2

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377 Riverside Dr E,

Windsor, ON N9A 7H7

Paypal payments can be made to Windsor Chess at email

Checks in U.S. or Canadian funds can be sent to:

Windsor Chess

c/o Vlad Drkulec

1725 Calvary Crt,

Tecumseh, Ontario,

Canada N8N 4X1

Please include Name, CFC, USCF and FIDE ID and section that you wish to play in.

Online CYCC 2016 registration link:

Canadian Youth Chess Championship

Tues, July 5 through Fri July 8, 2016.

Caesars Windsor

7 round youth chess tournament to determine Canadian champions in age and gender groups U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U08, U18F, U16F, U14F, U12F, U10F, U08F

$225 Entry fee, with $150 of entry fee going to CFC youth fund to fund travel to World Youth and World Cadet for champions of each age /gender group.

Additional $25 late fee after May 8th.   $50 late fee after June 1st.  If for any reason you cannot attend after paying and registering we will refund your money less any PayPal fees (usually about 4%).

Chief Arbiter: Aris Marghetis

Time Control: Game in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move starting from the first move.

Enter on CFC website shortly.

Check-in Time The check-in time is 9:00am to 12:30pm. If you cannot make the 12:30PM deadline due to unforeseen reason, please email  You must be a CFC member or an FQE member to play in this tournament.  

Format Tie breaks will be used to break all ties.

The format will be a 7-round Swiss System.

Schedule: July 5: Round 1- 3:00 pm

July 6: Round 2- 10:00 am,  Round 3- 3:00 pm

July 7: Round 4- 10:00 am,  Round 5- 3:00 pm

July 8: Round 6- 10:00 am, Round 7- 3:00 pm

Register for hotel room with Caesars Windsor by toll free telephone:

Call now to reserve your room:



 Under Swiss pairing rules for an odd number of players, one player will receive a "forced bye", with a value of 1 point.

 All other byes will normally be 0-point byes (the Arbiter/Organizer team may consider genuinely exceptional situations).

CYCC (computerized) Tiebreaks

These are the 2016 CYCC (computerized) tiebreaks.
They are based upon tiebreaks previously announced for the 2015 World Youth & Cadets Chess Championships.
1) the games between the tied players (applies only if all tied players have played each other)
2) Buchholz Cut 1
3) Buchholz
4) the greater number of games with Black (unplayed games count as played with white)
5) the greater number of wins
6) the younger birthdate
7) coin flip (administered by Chief Arbiter)

Ratings Regulations:

All of the ratings delineated below were captured as of 3rd July 2016.

That date will serve as the baseline date for the ratings in this event.


1)      If a player has a CFC Regular rating, then that will be used.

2)      If a Quebec player has a higher FQE Lente rating, than that will be used instead.

3)      If a player in the U18 or U16 section has a FIDE Standard rating higher than both:

          #1 (all players) and #2 (only Quebec players), then that will be used instead.

4)      If a player still has no rating after points #1-#2-#3 above,

          then repeat those steps, but this time for CFC Active - FQE Semi-Rapide - FIDE Rapid, respectively.

5)      If a player still has no rating, then UNR (unrated) will be used.

6)      The Arbiter/Organizer team reserves the right to adjust extreme ratings if/as appropriate.


You can play up at CYCC 2016. You need to apply to the CFC youth coordinator and the tournament organizers/CFC president to play up. You cannot simply register for a section under the radar without requesting to play up. You cannot play up into a section where there are no competitors or very few competitors. If you do play up and qualify, that is the section where you will play at WYCC or WCCC. Where someone plays up and sections are combined so that you are playing in a combined section against your own age group that is the age group which you will be deemed to be competing in.