Love chess?  Improve your chess now with chess lessons!

Experienced chess instructor and  Windsor’s most active adult chess player looking for a few motivated students who wish to excel at tournament chess through a proven program of lessons and chess study.  I have taken many students from beginner to contender through my classes and private lessons. Some of my former students now teach chess quite successfully.  

Individual lessons:

$50 two hours 

$37.50 for 90 minutes

$25 per hour

Internet lessons available for the same price through Skype.

I can teach you

  • how to open a chess game
  • how to play chess endings
  • how to choose a move and analyze a chess position
  • how to analyze your own games so that you can learn from your mistakes and stop making the same errors over and over again
  • how to develop your pieces logically so that your opponent is more likely to make a mistake and you are less likely to.
  • how to choose a game plan
  • how to checkmate your opponent
  • how to use chess tactics to your advantage including the power of pins, deflections, double attacks, xray attacks, critical points, critical constructions, weak squares and outposts
  • the rules for choosing a move when you are unsure of what to do based on the teachings of my own chess coach, grandmaster Viktor Gavrikov who resides in Bulgaria and is a former Soviet Champion.

Educational Credentials:

Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance and Marketing concentration)

Undergraduate degree in Commerce (Honours)

Undergraduate degree in Social Sciences (Psychology with concentration in BiologicalSciences)

Taught Undergraduate Finance at University of Windsor for five years as a sessional instructor.

Electrical - Electronic Technology Diploma

My most successful student is FIDE Master Rohan Talukdar who at the age of 11 became a CFC master.  Recently he had his first International Master Norm in Philadelphia.  He needs two more to achieve the title of International Master from FIDE, the World Chess Federation. It would not surprise me if he becomes a grandmaster.   I am proud of him and his accomplishments but am even prouder that he also has students of his own so he is spreading his chess knowledge.

Who am I?

Vladimir Drkulec, National Master (Canada and U.S.) President of the Chess Federation of Canada from 2013 to 2019. 

Windsor’s most active tournament chess player over the last twelve years. Clear communicator with native born fluency in English.  I can teach both theoretical and practical play because I still play regularly as do most of my students.

President of the Chess Federation of Canada from 2013 to present.  CFC Masters Representative  and governor 2011–13. Architect of the CFC’s new constitution and continuation under the new Canada Not For Profit act in 2014.

Played in the Canadian Zonal and National Closed Championship in 2011 and 2015 (a qualifier tournament on the path to the world championship).   Chairman of CFC Long Term Planning Committee and main author of CFC long term strategic plan.

Canadian National Master (NM) title. U.S. Chess Federation National Master Title since 1993.

CFC’s most active player 2010 playing 168 tournament games in one year.  I still play very regularly in both Canada and the United States.

Many of my students have experienced significant improvements in their play and have won many trophies, medals and awards and even provincial and national titles.

Four out of forty Canadian team members  at the WYCC (World Youth Chess Championships) held in Brazil in 2011 came from our Windsor advanced children’s class, two were 2011 Ontario champions and three were 2012 Ontario champions at the OYCC (Ontario Youth Chess Championships) held in Kitchener, ON.  Another tied for first in the Canadian Youth Chess Championship (CYCC) 2012 and finished tied for third in her age group at the Pan American tournament for all of the Americas. Another represented Canada in the 2010 WYCC tournament in Greece.  Another won CYCC in 2013.  Four current and previous students qualified and three went to represent Canada in Slovenia at the 2012 WYCC on a 27 player roster. In 2013 four students qualified for WYCC with one Canadian Youth Chess Champion and three finishing second.  Three of my students and former students have gained the FIDE candidate master title or women’s candidate master title as a result of their performances in international play like the North American Youth Chess Championship. Ten Windsor players (students and former students) went on to play in the World Youth Championship in 2013.  In 2014, we had three Windsor playersqualified to play in the South Africa WYCC though only one went. In 2015 we had four Windsor players make it to the top three at CYCC in their sections and one of my first internet students also finished second in her section.