Sunday, August 7 through Thursday, August 11, 2016

Caesars Windsor 

377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 7H7

NAYCC Pairings and Standings

NAYCC News Update

9 round youth chess tournament with IM\WIM title, IM\WIM norms, FM\WFM\CM\WCM FIDE titles available. FIDE and CFC rated. To determine North American youth champions in age and gender groups U18 (under 18 on January 1st, 2016), U16, U14, U12, U10, U08, U18F, U16F, U14F, U12F, U10F, U08F.

Time Control: Game in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move. Canadian players living in Canada must have a valid CFC junior membership.


Schedule: Round 1 Sunday, August 7, 3:00 pm

 Monday, August 8, Round 2: 10:00 am Round 3: 3:00 pm

 Tuesday, August 9, Round 4, 10:00 am Round 5: 3:00 pm

 Wednesday, August 10, Round 6, 10:00 am Round 7: 3:00 pm

Thursday, August 11, Round 8, 10:00 am, Round 9: 3:00 pm

Chief Arbiter: IA Aris Marghetis

Check-in Time: The check-in time is 9:00am to 12:30pm. If you cannot make the 12:30PM deadline due to unforeseen reasons, please email, otherwise you may not be paired for the 1st round.


U18: Gold (1st, on Tie-Breaks, if Necessary) – IM/WIM Title

1st Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks) – IM/WIM Norm Silver & Bronze (2nd and 3rd on Tie-Breaks, if Necessary) – FM\WFM Title

U16: Gold – IM/WIM Norm 1st Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks)– FM\WFM Title Silver & Bronze CM\WCM Title

U14 & U12: Gold – FM\WFM Title Silver & Bronze – CM\WCM Title

U10 & U8: First Equal (down to 3rd place on tie-breaks), Silver & Bronze – CM\WCM Title


 1) the games between the tied players (applies only if all tied players have played each other)

2) Sonneborn-Berger

3) the greater number of games with Black (unplayed games count as played with white)

4) the greater number of wins

5) the younger birthdate

6) coin flip (administered by Chief Arbiter)


All ratings as of August 6th (or as soon as possible thereafter). If a player has a FIDE Standard rating, then that will be used. All other players will be ranked as of their own country's rating.

Why are the tournament entry fees denominated in U.S. dollars?  Mainly to reduce our currency risk.  There are significant fees and costs associated with this tournament which are denominated in U.S. dollars.  We are mitigating the risk factors.  Canadians please register early as the situation with the currency only appears to be getting worse from the point of view of Canadians.  Of course, for our U.S. players this means that your costs to attend these tournaments are going down from your point of view and you should be able to get some good bargains when you go shopping in Windsor between and after the rounds.

Entry fee:

Until June 30th, 2016 = $150 USD

July 1 - July 31st: $170 USD

August 1 - August 6th: $190 USD

After August 6: $200 USD

Rosters for official players need to be provided to the organizers by June 1st, 2016.

Roster changes after June 2nd will be charged $20 USD for each change.


If you don't have a CFC rating make sure that you specify "new" in the CFC ID field.  This will allow you to register.  The registration system seems to work best on a new computer.  If you are using Windows XP or Vista you may experience some problems.  You can also register by email or regular mail.


Full details are available on  Paypal account to accept entries is set up in name of Windsor Chess with as email.  Checks for the appropriate amounts in U.S. or Canadian funds can be sent to:

 Windsor Chess

c/o Vlad Drkulec

1725 Calvary Crt,

Tecumseh, Ontario,

Canada N8N 4X1

Send PayPal payments to:

Please include Name, CFC ID, FIDE ID and USCF ID and Ratings if applicable and section that you wish to play in


You can click on the following link to reserve a room at Caesars Windsor.  We encourage you to do so early so that we have an idea of how many people are coming to the party.  If we find out early that more people are coming we will probably increase our room block size.  If we find out that the tournament will be smaller than we expected rooms will released back to the hotel for sale.  If you decide to register later, this is a busy time of the year for all hotels.  They will sell out.  Rooms at Caesars routinely go for $279 per night or at least they do when the hotel gets busy.  We know because we looked at organizing a February tournament and that's how much people would need to pay to stay in the hotel.  These special rates expire July 6th, 2016 but it is possible that the hotel will run out of rooms early so reserve your rooms today.

 Caesars Group Code for NAYCC is ANY0807


 Special Room Rate for North American Youth Chess Championship:

$129.00 Canadian ($88.79 US at current exchange rate Jan 15th) week night double occupancy room Sun through Thursday

 $149.00 Canadian ($102.56 US at today’s exchange rate) weekend double occupancy room Fri, Sat All Hotel prices do not include applicable taxes.  These are reduced rates as they have waived the $10 per night resort fee and the $5 reservation fee.

 For each of these tournaments we expect to be holding many side events including bughouse, blitz and lectures by noted chess personalities GMs, IMs, FMs, NMs.  There will be $10 to $20 fees for side events all of which will be free to players staying in the official hotel Caesars Windsor a four diamond luxury destination.